Cognitive Accessibility Intro page

Hi EOWG folks,

Last week we talked about the possibility of providing an intro page on accessibility for people with cognitive and learning disabilities. That is related to an existing page that we forgot to talk about:
 Cognitive Accessibility at W3C

The existing page had a narrower scope -- mostly to answer the questions:
* Does WCAG cover cognitive accessibility?
* What is W3C WAI doing related to cognitive accessibility?

Cognitive accessibility is well covered in:
 How People with Disabilities Use the Web > Diverse Abilities and Barriers > Cognitive, learning, and neurological

I started a Requirements Analysis page to consider if we might want to expand the existing "Cognitive Accessibility at W3C" page or create a new Intro page. Please see:

p.s. After reading more carefully the existing info on the WAI site, I changed my survey comments about the Introduction:
"EOWG has worked hard to avoid covering topics in multiple places on the W3C website. Instead, we seek to put the information in one place, and point to it there from other places where it is relevant.
Section 2.2 and 2.3 should not be in this document, and instead, this document can point to the information elsewhere.
... " - more at



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