Please ask your W3C AC Rep for EOWG charter support

Hi EOWG participants (and list lurkers),

Short request (tl;dr):
* If you are a W3C Member, please ask your AC Rep to complete the EOWG re-charter survey at:

More info:

* If they have questions or suggestions, they can put them in the survey and we will formally respond. They are also welcome to contact me directly if they prefer.

* It would be nice for them to include supportive comments under the "Detailed Comments, Reasons, or Modifications" question and/or elsewhere in the survey.
* You or they can also put supportive comments in this publicly-visible Additional Info page:\
Note: Some reviewers will only look at the survey results and not that page. Therefore, please put any supportive comments also in the survey - or, in the survey, put a pointer to the comments in the Additional Info page.
* You can find your AC Rep (W3C Advisory Committee Representative) from this list:
* Have they already completed the survey? You can check if they made their response Member-visible by looking for their name in the results:

* Related info:
 AC Rep Call for Review e-mail:
 charter (which is linked in the survey and e-mail):

* Deadline is Thursday 11 June. We would like to get your *survey responses in May* if feasible.

Thanks much!


Received on Tuesday, 19 May 2020 17:44:16 UTC