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Re: People first language (comments to Biz Case)

From: Sharron Rush <srush@knowbility.org>
Date: Sun, 21 Oct 2018 08:31:08 +0200
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To: Andrew Arch <andrew@intopia.digital>
Cc: "EOWG (E-mail)" <w3c-wai-eo@w3.org>
Great to hear, thank you Andrew!

I did see that you had indicated editor's discretion but then I saw the
pull request from Shawn in which the change was made to every single
instance. I thought perhaps you two had communicated separately and perhaps
you had stronger feelings. I will take all this into consideration as I go
through to address all of the most recent comments.

Thanks very much!

On Sun, Oct 21, 2018, 1:51 AM Andrew Arch <andrew@intopia.digital> wrote:

> Sharron,
> All my comments were ‘for editor’s discretion‘, especially considering how
> late they were. And, yes, certainly don’t change the language used by
> someone else!
> GitHub is usually fine for me, but I’ve recently lost my 2-factor access
> and may have to open a new account :(
> Thanks for considering my comments.
> Andrew
> Andrew Arch
> Intopia
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> *From:* Sharron Rush <srush@knowbility.org>
> *Sent:* Sunday, October 21, 2018 06:48
> *To:* Andrew Arch; EOWG (E-mail)
> *Subject:* People first language (comments to Biz Case)
> Andrew, thanks for adding your comments and I am considering the ones
> around people first language. I am willing to change some of them but ask
> you for a bit of forbearance. In the UK  and to some extent in Canada and
> the US "disabled" "blind" etc are often used and are not regarded as
> disrespectful, depending on context.  My experience is that torturing the
> language is not always a necessity and can sometimes belabor the sentence
> to the point of awkwardness and become almost a self-parody.  I strongly
> feel that the "people first" movement was useful and valuable way to raise
> consciousness about how people are regarded.  I also believe that language
> can be respectful without having to follow such strict rules in every
> single case as to become unnatural and forced. Some of these instances -
> "blind students" for example were written by leaders in the field and I do
> not want to second guess their choice of how to express themselves.  Other
> instances are quotes from scholarly references. So can you give me a break
> on some of these or will you insist on people first language in each
> instance that it appears in this article?
> Entirely different subject: Yours were very last minute comments (we
> re-opened the survey which we are happy to do.) But in consideration of the
> fact that comments have been open for several weeks, can you next time use
> GitHub? It is a real time sink to tease out needed changes from an essay
> like this in the comment section. Would you like Robert or another person
> who is comfortable to provide a quick refresher on GitHub?  we are happy to
> do that and it really makes addressing these comments ever so much easier.
> Thanks again for commenting - truly! Please don't let my grumpy response
> obstruct the fact that I really need and appreciate your perspective.  I am
> very interested in your response to my point of view about this and hope
> you take it in that spirit.
> Best,
> Sharron
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> Sharron Rush | Executive Director | Knowbility.org | @knowbility
> *Equal access to technology for people with disabilities*
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