EOWG Work for this Week, Survey, teleconference

Dear esteemed EOWG colleagues,

Sharron is (supposed to be) on vacation this week and Brent is out post-TPAC, so I offered to help with Chairing work again this week to help keep things moving forward.

Work for this week is updated at:
The weekly survey is at:
Note the survey deadline is *Tuesday 4 October*.

No teleconference 30 Sept. -- We are not having a teleconference this Friday and it would be great if you would use that time to complete the work for this week and the survey. That will probably take less than 2 hours, so you'll also get extra time this week for your Resource Manager work and/or contributing to other open issues in GitHub, e.g., for Tutorials. ;-)

I hope you have a productive week and we don't miss each other too much on Friday. :-)

Talk to you next week!



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