Missed homework 23 Wed, 2015

Hi there,

Apologies for my late responses to the 23 September 2015 Survey, but
attached are my responses.

Jon Metz

2. Charter - Proposed Minor Updates
(*) I was in the teleconference and I'm OK with them!

3. Resolutions of 18 September
(*) I was in the teleconference and I'm OK with them!

4. Tips - Updated Introductions
(*) I have reviewed and put comments below or in email to the EOWG list.
Comment:I feel as though we should use the phrase "Best Practice" instead of
"Good Practice". I believe itıs okay as we should still be considered a
relative authority in this field to make such a statement.
5. Tips - Examples design
(*) I have reviewed the examples design and am comfortable with it for this
6. Tips - Learn More / Related Resources / otherŠ
(*) I put comments in GitHub 213
<https://github.com/w3c/wai-quick-start/issues/213> .
7. Tips - Changes for review
(*) I'm OK with these changes.
8. Regarding EOWG participant expectations
(*) Expectations are clear, I am confident that I can participate and
contribute as described.

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