EOWG: Work for this Week - nearing publication!

EOWG folks,

Work for this week is updated at:

A few things to note:
* We are trying to publish the first batch of Tips (Designing, Writing, Developing) on 1 October. If you can complete the surveys even before the deadlines, that would be helpful. Wouldn't it be great to publish on schedule -- then we celebrate! :-)
* EOWG weekly survey -- *due Wednesday 23 Sept* -- has several easy questions just approving resolutions and changes.
* *Plan for special survey on Thursday 24 Sept*. If there are not significant issues from the weekly survey, we'll post the Approval to Publish survey on Thursday 24 Sept, with a deadline of Wednesday 30 Sept. It would be great if you could schedule time to complete it early -- even on Thursday 24th :-) in case there are issues we need to discuss on the Friday 25 Sept teleconference.
* The editors have additional work ready for EOWG, but we're holding off on putting that in surveys so EOWG participants can focus on wrapping up this first batch of Tips. It's listed under "If you have more time:" so you can go ahead and work on it if you get the Tips stuff done. :-)

Have a great weekend!

~Shawn & Sharron

Received on Friday, 18 September 2015 16:57:42 UTC