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Fwd: [draft] EOWG Notes for 2015

From: Sharron Rush <srush@knowbility.org>
Date: Thu, 8 Jan 2015 12:57:08 -0600
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To: "EOWG (E-mail)" <w3c-wai-eo@w3.org>
Dear EOWG active participants,

Greetings friends, and best wishes that your year is off to a great start!
As we look forward to the new year, we welcome your active participation
and input on how we can continue to make EOWG more effective, and get more
work done in 2015.

We have some important projects in the EO pipeline and are happy to learn
that the weekly surveys are working well for so many of you.

Our current roster of participants is heavily represented by people from an
academic background. As much as possible, we would like to urge you to
remember to consider other perspectives in your review and comments. Also,
keep an eye out for potential participants from other backgrounds who might
be a good fit to help in EOWG. Send suggestions to us any time.

Another things is to be mindful of making the best use of our limited
weekly teleconference time. When sharing your perspectives, please be
succinct with background context and try to focus your comments on the
deliverable under discussion and your specific comments relevant to that.

As always, we are eager for YOUR ideas to make EOWG more effective --
please do share those with Sharron & Shawn!

Thanks for all your energy and dedication to this important work.

~Sharron & Shawn
Sharron Rush | Executive Director | Knowbility.org | @knowbility
*Equal access to technology for people with disabilities*
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