Re: [for review] Implementing Web Accessibility

Hello Shadi and all,
I just had a quick look at the document.
As it is new to me, I just looked at the sections you asked us to review.
I skimmed through the sections titles and some are not so clear to me:
Example: "Start early and factor for iterative checks."
"Plan for a reasonable gap between completion and go live to address any 
final barriers."

2. After heading 2 "Establish Roles and Responsibilitie" there is an 
heading 4:
"Example responsibilities" H3 is missing.

I need to read the document more carefully but these were my first thoughts.
The link you gave for commenting is not working.
I had the message:
"oops, sorry, we merged this page with Feedback: Implementation Plan for 
Web Accessibility:"

Le 03/09/2014 22:58, Shadi Abou-Zahra a écrit :
> Dear EOWG,
> An updated draft of the document "Implementing Web Accessibility" is
> ready for your review. However, please only focus on these sections:
>   * Introduction
>   * Determine Your Goal and Gather Support
>   * Integrate into Project Life Cycle
>   * Ensure Ongoing Monitoring and Maintenance
> These updated sections can be found here (ignore the other sections):
>   -
> For this week, please focus on:
>   - How well is accessibility being explained and communicated as an
> on-going effort, rather than a start-to-end process?
>   - How easy is it to follow for people who are new to accessibility,
> yet how flexible is it to address different situations?
>   - How succinct is the information provided, how clear is it, and how
> well does it guide people to taking real actions?
> Please provide your comments in the wiki page ahead of the call:
>   -
> Regards,
>    Shadi

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