WCAG-EM Report Tool - Step 4 (prep for Friday's telecon)

Hi all,

Here are some thoughts on Step 4 <http://w3c.github.io/wcag-em-report-tool/dist/#/audit/test>, which we will discuss during this Friday's EOWG telecon.

From: Kevin White <kevin@w3.org>

With regards to page 4, I found this incredibly confusing when I first accessed it.

There are a couple of particular things:

• It is not apparent what happens when a checkbox is clicked. Even if there is an evaluation details panel open it may not be apparent as the change may be off screen.
• For large samples the left hand checkbox list may become unwieldy. This may be apparent even with smaller samples of say 50 pages.
• It feels like there is a mismatch in how the checkbox beside the pages work; if none are selected, all pages are shown in the evaluation details, but when a page is selected only that page is shown in the evaluation details. It seems that in order for a page to be shown it must be selected therefore if all pages are to be shown then all should be selected.

In general my confusion may be to do with my mental model of evaluations and where it may differ from others. When conducting an evaluation, after doing a general explore, I would select the sample, and then for every page in the sample I would review against the criteria. On this basis it the interface would be ‘select page’ -> ‘check against criteria’ -> repeat while pages. I would never select two pages and evaluate them both at the same time. I may return  to a page that is part of a section and mark that the issue also applies to this page or I may raise an issue from page specific to being general.

Thinking about this model the approach could be structured as:

4. a. Audit Sample - Select page

      Select a page to evaluation: Dropdown select or checklist

      Button: Evaluate page >
      Button: Next >

4. b. Audit Sample - Evaluate page

      Clear indication of page being evaluated in the header section.

      Success Criteria to Evaluate:

      Boxes as are with the ‘Results for:’ drop down and the notes field.

      Include a checkbox: This is a general issue with a revealed notes text entry if the checkbox is checked.
      Include a multi-select widget (I refuse to be drawn too much on how! ;)): Also applies to. Allowing evaluator to select other pages that this issue applies to.

      Button: Select another page to evaluate >
      Button: Next >

This approach retains the focus on the page that is being evaluated but allows the evaluator to connect issues to other pages. It also allows for a few other useful features: mark a page as done, and percentage progress. It should also simplify the evaluation page and allow more space to include nice things like tabs to chunk up the Principles - further simplifying the page.




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