Minor feedback on the Evaluation Report Generator

Dear Shadi, Wilco, and EO,

Here are my minor bits of feedback about the awesome "Website Accessibility
Evaluation Report Generator" that I didn't think worth the airtime on
Friday.  Truly this is all minor stuff, so please feel free to totally

1. Start page. I hope that for what used to read "some text here" the text
that replaces it remains very short -- as terse as you can make it.  If it
starts being more than a couple of sentences, I'd suggest a link to an
instructions page.  I often get overwhelmed by the sea of words on W3C
pages, and I like to read (a librarian by training), so I'm guessing I'm
not alone in this response.

2. Start page only.  When I first opened it, I was confused by the Load
Data and Save Data links at the top.  I'm wondering if those can be hidden
on the start page?

3. Step 1 page, etc.  Which fields are required?

4. Step 1 page, etc.  I was looking for a "Save Data" button near the

5. Step 1, etc. I couldn't easily find a home link.  Is Start the same as
Home I wondered?  Would it help if there was a W3C/WAI logo in the upper
right that links to home -- similar to how Eric has set up the Tutorials

Hope this is helpful,
Anna Belle

Received on Wednesday, 6 August 2014 15:32:23 UTC