Re: Illustrations teleconference in 25 hours

Hello Anna Belle,

Sorry I did not reply to this earlier, but form what I am seeing in the wiki, it looks good. I have a few questions however:

In your third example:
<div class="figure multimg" style="width:676px;">
<img src="resize-normal.png" alt=" " width="217" height="116"><img src="resize-wrap.png" width="216" height="222" alt=" "><img class="last-of-type" src="resize-scroll.png" width="216" height="118" alt=" ">
<div class="figcaption">Figure: The first image shows normal-size text. In the second image, the larger text "wraps" to fit the width. In the third image, some of the larger text is not visible without scrolling horizontally. [@@ make better images]</div>
I couldn’t help but notice that each image has a alt value with an empty space (alt=“ “). Surely this is a mistake? Where are the alt values for these images?

I have no objection to reducing the width of .figure from 712 to 676px in order to accommodate iphones in portrait mode if we feel we neeed to go that far.

I do prefer images with embeded borders, as long as there’s consistency in the formatting style (width and so on).

I will not be able to join you tonight as my kids have swimming lessons, and Friday mornings are still a bit of an issue due to standup meetings at work, but I wanted to at least contribute this much.

Thanks all and looking forward to joining you soon.

Denis Boudreau,
Web Accessibility Avenger
DEQUE Systems Inc.
Tel: +1 (514) 730-9168

On Jan 28, 2014, at 5:37 PM, Anna Belle Leiserson <> wrote:

> About this time tomorrow (at 6:30 PM Eastern Standard Time, Wed. 29 Jan.) we will have the next call devoted to illustrations for Easy Checks.
> The main topic will be figuring out who does what next -- using "the inventory" as a jumping off point.
> I hope many of you can call in.
> Thanks,
> Anna Belle

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