Illustrations work this week - all hands on deck, please

Hi, All.

For those not on the call, we agreed we want to wrap illustrations up two
weeks before CSUN.  That's March 1.  Wheee....  We need to get going!

To that end I've updated the illustrations wiki.  More on that in a moment,
but first what I need you to do.

Denis, Eric, Ian, Paul, Wayne -- I need you to review the code in context.
Here are the examples:
And here is a summary of the code:

All EO members -- I need you to do testing in various browsers and record
the results in the wiki.  This probably won't take very long.  For me the
most time-consuming thing is actually updating the wiki, not the testing

Here is the example page to test:
(Note: ignore the form at the end; it's just the illustrations we're
Here are the 6 things to test:
And here is where you record the results:

The plan is to wrap up code review and browser testing on the call next
Friday (Jan. 24).

If you have any questions or issues, don't hesitate to email me.  I'll get
back to you as soon as I can.

Anna Belle

P.S. Howard, Vikki, Jan, Helle, Eric -- thank you so much for volunteering
for various browsers and devices!  It sounded like a healthy variety of
systems.  (Well maybe we can pass on the Blackberry Playbook.  ;-)  Here's
what I heard you volunteer for -- just as you are able:
Vicki: FF, Safari, IE
Jan: Chrome, IE, FF on Windows 7
Howard: FF, Opera or Chrome on Windows 8
Helle: IE 8 on Windows XP
Eric: A whole stack of browsers and devices, even a blackberry playbook

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