For review: Mobile pages updates


Thanks to Vicki & Peter, we have draft updates and issues for discussion on the mobile pages.

For discussion:
* Do we delete all references to WCAG 1.0? Or move them after/under the 2.0 references (and maybe gray them out a bit visually) but leave them?
* <> currently says: "Shared Web Experiences: Barriers Common to Mobile Device Users and People with Disabilities lists web interaction that is similar by a user with a disability and by a user with a mobile device." Do we want to change that to something like "lists web interactions that present similar difficulties for a user with a disability and a mobile user" or does 'difficulties'  make it sound like the users' fault?

For other changes, see:
* - lists the changes
* - edited version of the overview page
* - edited version of the shared experiences page

Feel free to send comments in e-mail and we will discuss them during the teleconference this week.


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