Send mailing address for extra flyers or cards

At today's meeting, I agreed to send by snail mail the extra WAI 
flyers and/or examples of the flash card game that Knowbility 
distributed at SXSW Accessibility meetup. The flash card PDF is a 
graphic image so the PDF is not very useful if you can't see it.  let 
me know and I'll send you the full description. Basically it is a set 
of 12 cards on the front of each is just one guideline with an iconic 
illustration.  On the back is the list of all twelve guidelines 
shortened to the phrase that we worked on last year and that is 
printed on the flyers. The printed versions now have braille 
transparencies on them, but that does not really show up on the PDF (smile)

The point is to trade cards until you have a full set.  I will send 
as many as I have left over if you send me your mailing address


Sharron Rush |  Executive Director  | |  512 305-0310
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Received on Friday, 16 March 2012 22:32:38 UTC