Re: Before-After Demo (BAD) - publication as draft - 11 March deadline

Hi Ian,

As promised, postponed but not forgotten...

On 10.3.2010 18:56, Ian Pouncey wrote:
> I have some comments on the BAD after site, none are important enough
> to need to be addressed before the March publishing date and so can be
> discussed / addressed for the next edit.
> This is the first draft feedback I have given to WAI-EO so please let
> me know if you would prefer these comments formatted differently.
> Home:
> 4. "lack of brains" image - now has equivalent alt-text
>     * This appears to be a purely decorative image, 'A plastic brain'
> adds nothing to the story, an empty alt attribute would be more
> appropriate. The same applies to all of these featured stories.

Agreed. Alt-text has been removed and the annotation been changed to 
describe this rationale.

> News:
> 7. baby foto - corrected alt-text and outdated link removed
>     * Image alt-text is repetition of the text in bold at the end of
> this section, it therefore adds nothing of additional value, an empty
> alt attribute would be more appropriate.

This has been changed (it is now a real link).

>     * Can we use 'photo' instead of the colloquialism 'foto' in the annotation?

Thanks for catching the typo.

> 8. "Your Shout" section - visual reading order now matches the code
>     * I don't understand the change here, as far as I can tell the code
> order is the same: title - paragraph containing image + text -
> citation paragraph.
>     * If this refers to the order of each section being wrong (headings
> first, with violin story in the middle of the heatwave story) then
> this can be explained without reference to the 'Your Shout' section
> specifically as the incorrect order is a wider issue.

The description of the annotation has been improved.

> 11. zoo keeper image - now equivalent alt-text
>     * Looks like a case of the alternative content being more complete
> than the main content. Without looking at the source and reading the
> alt-text I would have no idea that this picture is showing 3 sister
> rock in Australia. This kind of detailed descriptive text needs to be
> available to all users even if they don't use an AT that exposes this
> useful content such as a screen reader.

That was the point. The text has been changed and the annotation has 
been clarified.

> Tickets:
> 10. "Terms and Conditions" section - reduced text decoration
>     * I don't think centering the heading in this section is good, it
> takes the readers eye away from the left hand edge of the main text.

Agreed. Removed.

> Survey:
>     * Remove the ' ----->' from the first option of the select field,
> it will be read by screen readers ('select a city dash dash dash
> greater' in JAWS 10 / IE7)


>     * Free Newsletter section
>       - Name and Title fields would be better separated. Currently
> clicking on the name label jumps the focus to an input which isn't
> proximate to the label and separated by other fields.
>       - Usual and expected order of labels and inputs is reversed,
> change so that 'eMail Address' and 'Retype eMail Address' are above
> the inputs
>        - I see that similar comments
> ( have been
> rejected 'since this is a design issue'. Design is fundamental to
> accessibility and minor changes have taken place on other parts of the
> site for the sake of accessibility, I don't understand why not here.

We initially wanted to show that "you do not have to change your design 
in most cases" but agreed to demonstrate best-practice instead.


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