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From: Alan Chuter <>
Date: 26 April 2011 11:56
Subject: Re: Suggested for Biz Case slides
To: Sharron Rush <>

Hi Sharron,

It seems like a great idea to me. Maybe the benefits could be shown as
fruits on the tree to strengthen the message. If the presentation was
in binary format perhaps the fruits could appear one by one in n
animation, to avoid cluttering the tree too much if space is limited.



On 8 April 2011 22:51, Sharron Rush <> wrote:
> I did this in just a few minutes, but the idea is what I am trying to convey
> rather than the graphic design itself.  I am sure someone can improve it.
> In this case, there are no numbers or graphs that people will expect to
> relate to an actual case study.  it is clear that the ideas are conceptual.
> Whether they are as persuasive, well that's the question now, I guess.
> best,
> Sharron
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Alan Chuter

Alan Chuter

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