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WAI-ARIA review

From: Ian Pouncey <w3c@ipouncey.co.uk>
Date: Fri, 22 Oct 2010 11:56:44 +0100
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A few items for dicussion on WAI-ARIA docs today, fortunately there is
not much that we need to consider from such a large document,
essentially this is my general review with comments from section 6
removed as everything there is more appropriately handled by PFWG, and
I'll be sending those comments directly.

# WAI-ARIA review


## General

 - Throughout the document WAI-ARIA is marked up as `<abbr
title="Accessible Rich Internet Applications">WAI-ARIA</abbr>` - does
'WAI' not need expanding? Does every instance need the `<abbr />`
element, or just the first instance in each section?

##1. Introduction

 - Paragraph 4: Add some explanation of what a role is before
discussion of their taxonomy. While this section links to the
definition of role, I suspect the definition does not make much sense
unless you have already read the detailed explanation in 2.1.

### 1.1.  Rich Internet Application Accessibility

 - Paragraph 3: 'To a non-disabled user' - disability or otherwise is
irrelevant to the use of ARIA, it is the users choice of user agent /
assistive technology / browsing method that determines how widgets are
described to them (visually or via a screen reader reading ARIA roles
for example).
 - Figure 1: Lots of information encapsulated in the image that isn't
available in the text. Longdesc maybe ;)

### 1.4.  Co-Evolution of WAI-ARIA and Host Languages

 - Paragraph 2: 'For example, it's better to use an h1 element in HTML
than to use the heading role on a div element.' - This should be
worded more strongly. Not just better, mandatory.

## 2.  Using WAI-ARIA

### 2.1.  WAI-ARIA Roles

 - `<li role="menuitem">Open file…</li>` - typo

## 4.  Important Terms

 - Is there anything we want to add to the examples of AT?

## 5.  The Roles Model

###  Text Alternative Computation Example #1

 - `…` - more character issues

## 7.  Implementation in Host Languages

### 7.5.  Conflicts with Host Language Semantics

 - Paragraph 1: 'This method can be part of a fallback strategy for
older browsers that have no WAI-ARIA' - wording is not clear about
what this means (always enhance an element with the closest semantic
meaning in the language and not rely on ARIA support entirely for

### 7.6.  State and Property Attribute Processing

 - Paragraph 2: 'The list value types—ID reference' - character issues
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