comments on [DRAFT] Scenarios of Web Users


I had a few comments on this page:

1.  With respect to the headings, can they be expanded to include the 
descriptions after the colons?

When skimming by heading, having just the numbers isn't as helpful as 
having the full heading with description would be.

Maybe  this approach, visually, looks too long.

2. What is the purpose of each link that starts with

These are the links that appear, with a screen reader, above the 
"back to page content" links.

An example is:
[link] initial "Reporter with repetitive stress injury"scenario

If the idea is to be able to move back to the h2 that begins the 
section, I'm not so sure these navigation links are necessary, but 
maybe these "chunks" seem bigger to others than they do to me.

Thanks for considering these points. All are editor's discretion, as 
far as I'm concerned.


Received on Friday, 6 August 2010 18:27:05 UTC