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RE: EOWG active participants' ACTION items

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I would like to focus on WCAG Tech & understanding, UAAG, ATAG.  Not WAI ARIA.

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EOWG Active Participants,

Please note that there are a few action items for all active participants from last week's meeting, including:
* let Shawn know right away if Mon & Tue for EOWG f2f at TPAC is a problem
* let Shawn know which documents you can focus on for review over the next 4 weeks: WCAG Techniques & Understanding, UAAG, ATAG, &/or WAI-ARIA

http://www.w3.org/2010/07/23-eo-minutes#ActionSummary lists items, along with the place in the minutes where they were recorded, in case you want to see the discussion that lead up to the action items.


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