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From: Ian Pouncey <w3c@ipouncey.co.uk>
Date: Mon, 1 Mar 2010 23:25:26 +0000
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Hi all,

I'm the new boy on the EOWG so Shawn has asked me to introduce myself.
I am a web developer working for Yahoo! in London on the global front
page team. Since I started at Yahoo! I have moved the search box 1cm
to the left on all 9 European front pages (the process took more than
2 months back in 2008, and you thought the W3C moved slowly...) and
more recently have worked on the brand new yahoo.com.

As well as my developer day job I am the accessibility lead on this
project, which has involved educating a large team with varying levels
of front end development / accessibility knowledge and experience,
spread across 3 locations around the world initially with new
locations coming on board as we speak. The page isn't perfect, but
with the help of people like my colleague Artur Ortega (who has just
joined the Protocols and Formats WG) I think we have done a decent job
considering the complexity of the page. I have many more 'discussions'
with product teams and designers to go though, as we aim to constantly
improve the experience for all of our users.

I am also part of the European and Global Accessibility Task Force
groups that we have at Yahoo!, a small group of volunteers who develop
best practices, review properties, advise on accessibility issues, and
generally educate in whatever way we can.

Before Y! I spent 7.5 years working for an agency, building sites for
customers ranging from sellers of a blanket that prevents horses being
bitten by flies to the National Health Service.

Outside of work I think about web development, read about web
development, play board games and computer games, read fiction and
non-fiction, and through various other means have my evenings and
weekends disappear in to a black hole.

I'm looking forward to contributing as much as I can to the EOWG, and
to speaking to you all on Friday.



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