Linking to translations of WAI (or any other W3C) documents

Regarding last Friday's EOWG discussion about linking to translations of
WCAG 2.0. When writing for a non-English-speaking context, for people
who may be unable to read the original document to find the link
"translations of this document can be found at..." it would be useful to
have a standard URI to link to, that would return both the link to the
original document and the translation. This could be done by drawing on
the translations database. The URI could include the URI of the original
document and a language code, and would return a page with the two links
and their titles in each language. This would ensure that people can
find both documents. It would also be possible to resolve the different
links described in the "Linking to WAI documents" page.

Perhaps with the help of the W3C translators list it would be possible
to translate some explanatory and disclaimer text into each language,
although I don't think that it would be indispensable. The document
titles alone would be sufficient.



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Received on Monday, 9 March 2009 11:11:29 UTC