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Hello all,
Here are some comments on the slides at:
Sorry, I did not sort the coments on typos and on content.
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the slides are Very clear!
1. On slide: "european situation", notes to presenters.
I think the example of Japan, which I understand to be a good example, 
should not be quoted there, but in the slide before that deals with the 
general world situation, as this slide concerns the european situation. 
So I think the Japan situation should be mentioned but in the world 
general one. The other examples in the notes of Italy and Ireland are good.
In the last bullet of the note to presenters, typo:
"You may like to just show you own country instead of this European 
situation, or to contrast your own country with Europe or another 
country." Write your own country and not you own country.
3. In slide: "europe's age ratio", the heading "notes" is missing. 
Difficult to know when the slide ends and when the notes begin.
4. Same for next slide: "Ageing and Functional Impairments". Too long? 
Where do the notes begin?
5. In slide: "Accessibility accommodations"
It is not obvious where the notes are starting, or if all of the text is 
slide text. This slide may be too long to read.
In the last bullet of the slide, I think one word is missing:
Text: "orientation - so users know where they and where they can go", 
add "are". So it reads:
"orientation - so users know where they are and where they can go".
6. In slide: "Usability improvements".
It is not obvious where notes begin, if there are notes on the slide.
7. In slide: "Other Observations from Literature"
Suggestion: in the first list of 5 bullets, try to use the same form of 
sentences. For example, we have one bullet saying: Information overload 
was commonly identified". Next bullet says: "Less technical, more 
experiential, requirements featured heavily" is not a sentence anymore 
but different words. Try to harmonise.
In the second list, third bullet, the sentence does not seem to me to be 
complete, is something missing?
"most of the articles considered the experiential usability factors of a 
website; very few considered the technical, or coding, aspects that may 
also assist".
Are there notes on this slide or is the whole text part of the slide?
8. On slide: "Browser and application usability"
Harmonise the text in writing a sentence for following bullet:
"many older people still new to the Web" proposal: "many older people 
are still new to the Web".
In the part on guidelines, the word Accessibility is missing in: 
"Authoring Tool Guidelines". Write: "Authoring Tool Accessibility 
I don't know if the presenting order is important, but the first time 
the guidelines are listed on the slide they are listed in the following 
Then, in the explanations you find them in the order:
UAAG, WAI-ARIA and ATAG. May be the order should be harmonised?
9. In slide: "Ongoing work for the project" there is a typo in the 
notes: propjet instead of project.
10. In "become involved", not clear where the notes begin.
11. In slide: "Research needed". I don't understand what you mean with 
"deep versus shallow navigation for ease of comprehension".
Where do notes begin on this slide?
That's all for my comments.

Helle Bjarnø a écrit :
> Re. the slide: "European situation. An increasing older population. 
> EuroStat forecast the following changes"
> Are the numbers for 2010 a forecast, and if yes should we note the 
> percentage of today on the slide in order to be able to compare the 
> increase?
> Sincerely
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