Re: EOWG prep for 12 June teleconference

So, here goes with my usual oft-too-repeated rant about "reporting"
inaccessible Websites: The proposed document is fine for that subject, and
includes much of what I seek to have more emphatically addressed.

Since we all know from long experience, mere "reporting" is of little use in
making for an accessible Web, it seems evident that a separate "if all else
fails" (which is the usual case) document is called for. Actions to take
other than the proven ineffective "reporting" need to be addressed in ways
that will resonate with the on-the-ground experience in these matters.
Pro-active measures need to be explored and we should prepare for the
necessity of taking uncomfortable steps in these matters.

This is not to say that the current document is flawed, just that there
needs to be more emphasis on using the "E" in "EOWG" to educate our readers
on what they *MUST  *do to actually move towards a more accessible Web.


On Thu, Jun 11, 2009 at 6:33 PM, Andrew Arch <> wrote:

> We've updated the EOWG agenda for this week:
> 1. WAI-AGE Slides, and the questions for consideration, were updated
> earlier in the week
> 2. How to Report Inaccessible Websites ("Responding" document) is also
> updated, taking account of recent EO feedback.
> See
> Regards, Andrew
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> Andrew Arch
> Web Accessibility and Ageing Specialist


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