Re: EOWG Comments on "Improving Access to Government through Better Use of the Web", April 2009

Dear Shawn, EOWG,

This is just to confirm that the Group agreed on its latest call to  
take the text below as Group consensus, i.e. eGov IG agrees on all  
points and is ready to close ISSUE-30.

In the meantime, Sharron Rush has also joined as Editor. More edits  
related to your comment 3.2 and our ISSUE-24 on rewriting will happen  
in the coming 3-4 days.

As we are on a very tight schedule, we understand you don't have any  
objections if we don't hear from you any additional comments by May 5th.

Thanks once again for helping us improving the document.
-- Jose

El 29/04/2009, a las 1:44, Jose M. Alonso escribiˇ:
> Dear Shawn and EOWG,
> Thanks for taking the time to review the Group Note in such detail.  
> Your efforts are very much appreciated.
> The expertise of EOWG is very much welcome and the comments are very  
> helpful to improve the document and provide better context and  
> information on how the content relates to Web accessibility.
> Chairs and me have reviewed the comments and taken the following  
> actions so far:
> 1) Opened ISSUE-30 [1]
> 2) All replacement text provided has been already integrated into  
> the Note
> (marked with @@, end in "ISSUE-30", and have a blue background)
> 3) Suzanne Acar has recently joined us as technical editor upon  
> getting several suggestions on having one.
> With regard to comment 3.2, I'm copying both Suzanne and Kevin whom  
> I'm sure will further review and edit introductory sections making  
> them easier to read and understand. Suzanne has already made some  
> edits to those sections and I want to take the opportunity to thank  
> her again for her help and support.
> eGov IG will hold a telcon on Wed, April 29, when the Group will  
> review all open issues [2] (including this one) and when Chairs  
> expects to resolve the majority of them, then another one on May 6  
> to hopefully resolve last ones.
> Please, note that eGov IG does not currently intend to publish  
> another draft but the final document on May, 12. The editor's draft  
> is available at [3] and I'm updating it regularly.
> One of the previously empty sections has been already added, the  
> Multi-Channel Delivery section [4]. Please, also note that the  
> Interoperability section [5] has changed significantly. Miguel  
> Amutio (also copied) is now the main author of both. Although your  
> comments have been taking into account and final edits still need to  
> be done, you might want to review those.
> Unfortunately, it's likely the "Long Term Data Management" section  
> will be removed from the final document since content have not  
> reached us yet.
> We'd be happy to keep an exchange of ideas and open discussion  
> trying to best integrate your comments related to Web accessibility  
> while the editing process continues but please note that, due to our  
> tight publication schedule, it's very likely we could not deal with  
> comments reaching us later than May, 5th.
> I hope the actions taken satisfy EOWG and plan to keep you updated  
> if further significant changes arise in the document. Thanks once  
> again for the time you are putting on helping us to improve the  
> document.
> Best,
> Jose.
> [1]
> [2]
> [3]
> [4]
> [5]
> --
> Jose M. Alonso <>
> Editor and eGov IG Staff Contact
> El 25/04/2009, a las 19:43, Shawn Henry escribiˇ:
>> Dear eGov IG,
>> W3C Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) Education and Outreach  
>> Working Group (EOWG) reviewed the First Public Working Draft of  
>> "Improving Access to Government through Better use of the Web"[1].  
>> Please find EOWG's comments online at:
>> Please note that the comments include discussion of some  
>> significant issues on how accessibility and people with  
>> disabilities are addressed in the document. We encourage all  
>> authors and editors to carefully read our notes to help clarify  
>> misunderstandings, and avoid additional problems as the document is  
>> further edited.
>> EOWG welcomes the opportunity to answer your questions related to  
>> Web accessibility and writing about people with disabilities and  
>> older people. (For example, you should be careful to avoid wording  
>> that assumes that all older people have disabilities or  
>> accessibility needs.)
>> We look forward to reviewing the next draft that includes the  
>> missing sections[2], comment resolutions, and additional edits.
>> Regards,
>> ~Shawn Henry, EOWG Chair
>> For the W3C WAI Education and Outreach Working Group (EOWG)
>> [1]
>> [2] marked "This section will be completed as the document  
>> matures." in
>> -----
>> Shawn Lawton Henry
>> W3C Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI)
>> e-mail:
>> phone: +1.617.395.7664
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