one question about "Analysis/requirements for literature review"

hello All,
I was just reading the document :
" Analysis/requirements for literature review" at :
In part "research", "2. Collect contextual information (where possible) 
items : 2. What the elderly do online / why they might be online
3. How many elderly are online
We receive such questions regularly about how many people with 
disabilities use the Web, how many use a screen reader, or how many use 
such and such technology. As there is no technique to identify if a 
screen reader user is browsing on your web site, it is difficult to find 
out statistics about it.
The same question can be asked regarding elderly people. How can you 
find out if a web user is an elderly person, and how can you find out 
what theri habbits are.
A question would, which means would help us find out such information?
Another question would be : is such information easier to find out in 
one country as in one other ?

Received on Friday, 28 March 2008 11:09:36 UTC