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Re: For your review this week: Rethinking organization of the mobile-accessibility documents [was: Discussion on purpose of Mobile Accessibility document]]

From: Liam McGee <liam@communis.co.uk>
Date: Thu, 27 Mar 2008 16:15:32 +0000
Message-ID: <47EBC824.4050305@communis.co.uk>
To: Shawn Henry <shawn@w3.org>
CC: EOWG <w3c-wai-eo@w3.org>

Shawn Henry wrote:
> Could you find a couple minutes to review below and send your thoughts 
> to the EOWG list? We'll be discussing it the first part of the 
> teleconference this week...

So we're trying to make content POUR into any container, from JAWS to 

I think there are more possible start states than we have allowed for.

Possible states are (for Bob, the hypothetical user):
Bob has done nothing. How much further to WCAG2 and MWBP1?
Bob has done some of WCAG1. How much further to WCAG2?
Bob has done some of WCAG1. How much further to MWBP1?
Bob has done some of MWBP1. How much further to WCAG1?
Bob has done some of MWBP1. How much further to WCAG2?
Bob has done some of WCAG1 and some of MWBP1. How much further to WCAG2?
Bob has done some of WCAG2. How much further to MWBP1?
Bob has done some of WCAG1. How much further to WCAG2 and MWBP1?

Can't think of any other logical variants of these states although there 
are a few (e.g. WCAG2 done, how far to WCAG1, MWBP done, how far to 
WCAG1 and WCAG2?).

There are others that would not bring a user to the W3C for info (e.g. 
Bob has done some of MWBP and doesn't care about WCAG... Bob just won't 
come and read this document if that is the case. Proselytising the value 
of MWBP or WCAG should be done elsewhere).

So to advise Bob we need to know how far he has got, through what, and 
then tell him how far through other things he is.

I think that the current mothod of presentation is getting quite 
comprehensive, but perhaps a little confusing. It doesn't meet the needs 
of Bob the transitioning developer, who really wants to know what else 
there is to do rather than what he has already done.

To find out how far he has got, we could perhaps present a list of 
checkpoints relating to the state he arrives at (so if he knows he has 
done part of wcag1 and part of mwbp1, then present him with all of the 
wcag1 and mwbp1 checkpoints. You could have quick check options for 'all 
of them' of MWBP, and 'all of them', 'all of level AA', 'all of level A' 
for wcag1, as a usability refinement).

Bob checks the things he knows he has covered, and submits the form. He 
is returned a big bar chart showing how much of the way through WCAG1, 
WCAG2 and MWBP1 he is, as a percentage, along with some encouragement to 
do so (Gaaahhh! So close, Bob! 2 thing to do to meet WCAG2 AA!). And 
then offer the list of checkpoints *still to complete* to meet each one 
of them, and denoting likely partial completion.

Possible presentation as follows (with apologies to screen reader users...)

| Checkpoint     | Links to Guidance     |      Required in      |
|                |                       | WCAG1  | MWBP1 | WCAG2|
|Non Text Content|WCAG1:1.1              |  Yes   |  Yes  |  Yes |
|                |MWBP[IMAGE-MAPS]       |        |       |      |
|                |WCAG2:1.1.1            |        |       |      |
| and so on      |                       |        |       |      |

I would be inclined pull out the "individual success criteria compared" 
sections to a separate document, which could be referred to from the 
list of checkpoints still to complete. In the above, the text 'non text 
content' would link to the section comparing Non Text Content reqs for 

Just my 2p. I could be way off-beam, apologies if I have misunderstood.

I was reviewing the docs at 

> *NOTE* the teleconference is starting an hour earlier than usual this 
> week. ;)

I'm not going to be here tomorrow I'm afraid (noted a while back...) 
It's my 32nd birthday and I'm being taken out for the day.

Regards to all

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