Re: Rethinking organization of the mobile-accessibility documents [was: Discussion on purpose of Mobile Accessibility document]

On 26/03/2008, Shawn Henry <> wrote:
>  I think the 3 primary use cases for the documents are (where the "I" could be a developer, manager, policy maker, etc.):
>  1. I know WCAG 1.0 and now I also want to do MWBP.
>  2. I know MWBP, and now I also want to do WCAG 2.0.
>  3. I haven't done much with either accessibility or designing for mobile devices, and now I want to do both.
>  Question: How common is #2 - that is, are many people familiar with MWBP?

The difference with #2 is that accessibility is a legal requirement in
many jurisdictions. Maybe mobile-friendliness will be one day, but
*now* most people ought to know about accessibility. We hope that MWBP
will become better known and I'm sure that the BPWG will want to help
with that.

With #3, we shouldn't assume that if people know both, that they won't
neeed any help. It sounds plausible butin practice most people will
need clarification to avoid getting things wrong.

I think that there's scope for a short introductory high-level
document that doesn't actually mention any SCs or BPs except as
examples. Based on the experiences document.


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