Re: Usefulness of compliance section in Web Accessible Mobile document

On Tue, 19 Feb 2008 15:50:48 +0100, Jo Rabin <> wrote:

> Secondly there is value in stating that compliance with the Best
> Practices produces accessibility benefits that do not assist with
> complicance [because they have been dropped as untestable in WCAG 2.0,
> or for any other reason]

I agree. WCAG 2.0 compliance, while useful, is not the only or definitive  
measure of accessibility, any more than compliance to mobile BP is the  
definitive measure of mobile friendliness. They are just references to a  
framework document we have available that makes it easier to disucss the  
goals in concrete terms. We should recognise that, and point out how you  
can improve user experiences in both areas at the same time.



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