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Thanks for reviewing this Wayne. My reply is below.

On 10/01/2008, Wayne Dick <> wrote:
> Mobile Web Best Practice to WCAG 2.0
> This probably needs a careful overview:
> Question:
> Do we want to list all Level A success criteria in Level AA
> Do we want to list all Level A  and level AA success criteria in Level AAA

This is a valid point, and it isn't explained in the document. This
refers to the for example, "Extending from WCAG 2.0 to MWBP 1.0"
sections where there are lists for people who achieved WCAG Level X
and are aiming for MWBP or have done MWBP and are looking to go for
WCAG level X, and need to get a rough idea of how much work is
involved. As there are three possible WCAG levels it can get quite
complicated. Luckily there is only one MWBP level. I'll try to

In earlier versions, for someone who has complied with level AAA, for
example, the list said more or less this: "Something: You have to
comply with all the something checkpoints from Level A and all the
something checkpoints from level AA, and the following" likewise for
the everything ones, the reader would have to concatenate the lists as
well, which is very tiring and error-prone.

My thinking is that it is kinder to the reader and safer to do it
while writing the document, even though that does make for a lot of
redundant text. Actually checking that the lists are correct is hard
work, which kind of indicates that it's something the reader shouldn't
have to do.

Maybe the document should explain why the lists are cumulative. Would that help?

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