Regrets - EOWG: *NOTE* TIME, Agenda for 16 March 2007 Teleconference

Regrets - I will be tied up with some meetings and so will be unable to

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Subject: EOWG: *NOTE* TIME, Agenda for 16 March 2007 Teleconference

Dear EOWG Participants:

An agenda and calling logistics for our 16 March 2007 teleconference

Time:    8:30am - 10:30am U.S. Eastern Time.

*NOTE:* The US switched to Daylight Savings Time *earlier* this year.
The teleconference is scheduled at 8:30am US Eastern Time. Therefore the
teleconference will be a different time for most participants outside of
the US. Please check the time difference carefully. One source for
finding the time in other time zones is:

Bridge:  +1.617.761.6200, code: EOWG# (3694#)
IRC:     Channel: #eo, server:, port: 6665
Scribe:  see


1. Participating in WAI
Reviewing & getting input into some updates to:

2. Handouts
Feedback on handout for CSUN 2007.
We may re-use a similar handout at some upcoming meetings:
- This is an OpenDocument Text file that can be opened in most word
processing programs, such as Microsoft Word.
- Please focus on content. The layout is not yet complete.

3. WCAG 2.0 "Stabilization Working Draft" messaging
- what do you think that the public needs to hear to help them
understand what the "stabilization working draft" is?
- are there ways that we can help telegraph this info to public before
the draft is published?
To be used, for example, in:
* Overview of WCAG 2.0 Documents <>
* WCAG 2 FAQ <>

4. Availability for teleconferences in April Please review your calendar
before the teleconference and be prepared to note in IRC or phone your
expected availability for participation in potential upcoming EOWG
teleconferences on Fridays -- thanks.

~ Shawn & Judy


IRC reminders and tips:
- IRC is supplemental to the call. Some participants do not have IRC.
All substantive comments should be said verbally in the call (not just
in IRC).
- to type a side comment that will _not_ get recorded in the minutes,
type /me comment - e.g.:
/me hopes everyone had pleasant holidays will come out:
*shawn hopes everyone had pleasant holidays

Teleconference information:
- Managing IRC for EOWG meeting minutes:
- W3C Zakim Teleconference Bridge:
- Zakim IRC Bot:
- A source for help with IRC (Internet Relay Chat):

* Upcoming EOWG teleconference schedule:


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