FYI from The European Internet Accessibility Observatory (EIAO)

Test pilots wanted for user testing of web accessibility reports

The European Internet Accessibility Observatory (EIAO) is an online service which will assess websites individually, by sector and by region/country to see if they have been designed in a way that is accessible for different groups of people - in particular people who have disabilities and/or use assistive technologies such as screen readers and screen magnification.

We are now seeking the opinions of ministers, policy makers, strategists and web managers, developers, and others, on this new prototype version of the service and are therefore looking for test pilots who can have look at the Observatory and answer some questions. This should take approximately 30 minutes. Please select the following link to access the survey:

The project began in September 2004 and is funded by the EU-Commission under the 6th Framework Programme's strategic objective e-inclusion, and is co-funded by the European Commission DG Information Society and Media, under the contract IST-004526.

A short article written by our Project Co-ordinator Mikael Snaprud and Jenny Craven can be accessed at:
The article is called: "Positive Steps To Assessing, Monitoring and Comparing the Accessibility of Public Websites: Introducing The European Internet Accessibility Observatory".

Please let me know if you have any questions. I would be very grateful if you would forward this to any appropriate colleagues.

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