argument for considering ageing a disability on its own.

  Ageing as Disability

    The inevitable disability

A near universal goal/purpose of human life is the pursuit of survival.

As we age our physical/mental processes seem to wax until maturity, 
thenceforward they begin a decay often characterized as "disability".

Traditionally disabilities have been variously categorized, e.g. as 
sensory, mobility, mental, etc. and ageing is not a separate category 
from various sensory/memory diminutions.

One prominent differentiation among disabilities is along the 
"visible/hidden" axis. Often we say "but she doesn't /look/ disabled"

The person experiencing ageing (practically everybody!) becomes the 
recipient of positive ("I hope when I'm your age I'm as sharp as you") 
and negative ("don't you think you should quit driving?") cliches as 
well as offers of assistance ("let me get that for you")

Ageing is usually (absent surgical/cosmetic intervention) a visible 
disability carrying levels of stigma/stereotyping that vary from culture 
to culture.

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