ATAG 2.0 WD comment


A comment on ATAG for consideration:

* /TR/ATAG20 is a formal Technical Specification/W3C Recommendation/Standard that is stable and referenceable. Keep it simple and succinct. Generally, include in /TR/ATAG20 only what is important for the actual technical specification. Move the supporting information to other documents, and in /TR/ATAG20 briefly mention the topic, and then point to the external document.

- Examples:
"These guidelines have been written to address the requirements of many different audiences, including, but not limited to: policy makers, technical administrators, and those who develop or manage content. An attempt has been made to make this document as readable and usable as possible for that diverse audience, while still retaining the accuracy and clarity needed in a technical specification."
"As an introduction to accessible authoring tool design, consider that the authors and end users of Web content may be using the tool and its output in contexts that are very different from that which may be regarded as typical. For example, authors and end users may:... have a text-only display, or a small screen.",
"In addition, following the guidelines provides benefits for authors and end users beyond those listed in these various disability-related contexts. For example, a person may have average hearing, but still require captions for audio information due to a noisy workplace. Similarly, a person working in an eyes-busy environment may require an audio alternative to information they cannot view."

- Rationale: In addition to simplifying the normative doc, this puts the explanatory information where it can be updated to reflect changes over time as necessary. It also limits the the need for repetition across documents, and the potential for that information to get out of synch.

Note: I submitted a similar comment to WCAG 2.0:


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