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RE: Answers to question in Re: EOWG: Agenda for 6 October 2006 Teleconference

From: <saylordj@wellsfargo.com>
Date: Thu, 5 Oct 2006 16:44:48 -0500
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Hello All,
The tone from the slides seems fine to me.

I have a concern when I look at the icon with the babies' face that the
fuzziness or blurriness is a visual problem.

In slide number seven the code is too similar in size to the text and
appeals to my sense of it's information rather than illustration.  I
agree with Sylvie about the techie feel of the code there.  The slide is
less clear because the content layout does not feel 'connected' to me.

I think the code can the term Markup then the code.  And an indicator
like an arrow or equal sign pointing to the image.  So it's clear the

In slide 10 the second bullet seems awkwardly phrased to me.  For
example I would re-write this way:

Skilled users know how to find alt text with their user agent or
assistive technology.

In slide 11 first topic second bullet under it that reads:  Users who
contribute content to the Web.

I think this 'User' is a general audience and needs more clarity about
what's being talked about.  Contributing content can come from very low
tech persons just adding a document they created.  In this case User
needs a modifier to me that clarifies less techie more general.  For
example:  'The untechie User'.

IN slide 15 the phrase 'Weak Components' implies the user is 'weak'.
This is related to how the previous slide number 14 says 'all' the
components including the user.

Under the slide number 17: Accessibility Support Example

This topic phrase:  A simple Web page editor

Indicates to me something like a simple 'text creator' like Notepad.  By
simple I don't think of an editor as described:  the editor tool opens a
dialog box asking for alt text and providing guidance on what to put for
alt text wording 

This sentence is of course desirable in an 'editor' but I associate this
with middle range editors rather than say something Tec savvy people use
like Notepad.  I would remove 'simple', or replace it with words like:
plain, or uncomplicated, or basic.

Under the topic phrase:  A content management system (CMS) the words:
Stores alt text for images 

Seems superfluous to me.  What does storing the alt text makes that
distinctly CMS?

In the slide number 19:  The graphic with the icon tags looks cluttered
to me.  Can the icons be laid out to the left with the Topic phrases?
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