Evaluation Report Details

Although singling out individual tools isn't necessarily a good idea, it 
might make the demonstration evaluation report more "realistic" if the 
actual tools used were identified and the results of their application 
to the site be exhibited.

The results/advice obtained using said tools might be in the current 
demonstration report with links to the actual reports furnished by the 
tools so the user will have fuller exemplification of what it's like to 
actually apply the tools to a real piece of Webstuff.

I think we have sort of glossed over the issue of "clear/simple" by 
giving it a "yes" in the table, implying that there was somewhat 
detailed attention paid to whether any attempt at "fog indexes" and such 
had been applied to the textual content of the site.

The other checkpoint getting a "yes" (which implies no necessity for 
details) is the one dealing with navigation and I don't even know if 
there is any way to evaluate the "consistency" of the overall navigation 


Received on Thursday, 16 March 2006 08:29:01 UTC