Updated draft of Standards Harmonization, with myth/fact table

There is an updated version of "Why Standards Harmonization is Essential 
for Web Accessibility" available at

This draft includes all change requests from our face-to-face meeting, 
including a table (thank you, Jack, for this concept, and a starter table 
for me to work with!!) of "fragmentation drivers" and "reasons for 
harmonization." There is a linearized version of this table available, 
which in the draft I am sending tonight is slightly out of synch with 
respect to a few copyedits.

Last week we said that we should look at how this table works before 
sending the document around for a final survey form approval. I'd like us 
to look carefully at the table in our teleconference today, and I have just 
a few more copyedits pending, but otherwise we had said that this document 
was ready to be closed out via a survey form of EOWG participants in good 
standing. Let's see if we can confirm that today.


- Judy

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