European Web Evaluation Methodology - call for commentsextended

Dear all,

Some of you may have heard of the WAB Cluster. In this Cluster of EU
projects, more than 20 partners are working together on the development
of a EU-harmonised assessment methodology for Web accessibility
conformant with WCAG and to be synchronised with the foreseen migration
from WCAG1.0 to WCAG2.0.

Their first draft of the Unified Web Evaluation Methodology (UWEM0.5) is
online and available for public comments since December. The deadline
for that is February 28th.

The current draft is available at this URL
(xhtml and pdf format):


More information about the WAB Cluster can be found at this URL:


There is a mailing list available for discussion and comments. 

I encourage everyone to take a look at the document, join the discussion
or send your comments.

Kindest regards,

Eric Velleman

Received on Friday, 10 February 2006 22:14:57 UTC