Readings for 10 Feb teleconference: Review Teams draft

Hi all,

Please read the following, in preparation for our teleconference tomorrow, 
and send comments to the list if you have them.


- Judy

Continuing our updating of the Evaluation Resource Suite, please review the 
following materials with regard to Review Teams for Web Accessibility.
         Current (old) version:
         Proposed requirements, for review, discussion and approval(?)
         Proposed changes for review (changelog may be updated again before 
the meeting)
*       Revised draft
         Questions for discussion of revised draft:
         a) Does the introduction work better organized this way?
         b) How is the tone of the document now?
         c) Does the detail in "Types of Review Teams" work well (or not...)?
         d) Suggestions on how to improve & better balance the "Best 
Practices" section?
         e) Do the subsection headers work better?
         f) Other thoughts on updating alignment w/ the rest of the suite?


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