Retrofitting doc for 27 January 2006 EOWG Teleconference

EOWG folks,

Please read the "About Retrofitting Web Sites for Accessibility" section in the requirements & changelog document at:
Several sections have changed, and will form the basis for the first version of this document, especially:
	* Purpose, Goals, Objectives
	* Scenarios
	* Notes

The latest draft is a *rough* concept draft (with inconsistent thoughts, tone, etc.) at:

For review and discussion:

1. Are the requirements right?
(Note that we do not need to polish the requirements and do not want to spend much time discussing details. The goal is just to make sure that we share the same concept for the document.)

2. Are the main points covered?
Note that the requirements and changelog has a section for "Consider for later version, or related documents, or other" (the last section under and notes from the discussion in Australia in December (

3. What terminology do we want to use:
* fixing? retrofitting? repairing? first say "fixing, or retrofitting" and then use retrofitting? first say "fixing (also called repairing or retrofitting)" and then use repairing?
* accessibility problems? accessibility issues?

4. What about the title? Here are some brainstorms:
* Retrofitting Web Sites for Accessibility
* Repairing Web Sites for Accessibility
* Repairing Web Accessibility
* Fixing Web Accessibility Problems
* Improving the Accessibility of Your Web Site
* Upgrading Your Web Site for Accessibility
* Developing a Plan to Retrofit...

Looking forward to input!

~ Shawn

Received on Thursday, 26 January 2006 15:28:47 UTC