Late regrets for 20 Jan teleconference plus retrofitting comments

Sudden work crisis means that I will be unable to attend the first part 
of the teleconference, but hope to join for the second hour.


Comments on retrofitting doc draft: One area not dealt with is that of 
expertise. Does the reader know whether they have the expertise 
internally to carry out the work? Part of the work? How might they 
determine this (e.g. have you ever done this before. Are you familiar 
with usage patterns of PWDs etc). Stress value of getting an external 
accessibility specialist to do probably an initial check and certainly a 
final check at least.

Obviously I am not disinterested here, as an accessibility consultant, 
but I've seen too many clients who already claimed AA or even A 
accessibility after some internal work and an automated audit when they 
were nowhere near and practically unusable to screenreader users, with 
poorly chosen access-keys, skip links mis-implemented (display:none a 
classic), poor alternate content, unusable forms, etc etc. Basically, 
generalists with no specific experience in the field will make mistakes, 
so get an external check done by someone with good credentials.

Regards all


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Received on Friday, 20 January 2006 13:08:56 UTC