Red Flag Item

Guideline 4.2 of WCAG 2.0:
"Ensure that user interfaces are accessible or provide an accessible 

It is IMO imperative that there be a full stop after the first "accessible".

Reason 1: if one has provided an "accessible alternative" then said user 
interface is, by definition, itself accessible and there is no need for 
this "or" phrase.

Reason 2: this encourages yet another "copout escape hatch" very similar 
to the long-discredited substitution of a "text only" version as an 
acceptable alternative to genuine inclusion/accessibility. Either the 
accessibility of the so-called alternative is defined within the 
document (in which case it needs no "or" exception) or it is left to the 
tender mercies of the author, bypassing the fulfillment criteria.

I spoke to a WG chair offline about this but I would like for it to come 
from EOWG as well.


Received on Friday, 16 December 2005 15:41:01 UTC