Re: [DRAFT!] First capture of draft EOWG comments on WCAG 2.0

Hi Judy, hi all.

Some thoughts for next teleconference.

- For WCAG review -
About the title of "Understanding WCAG 2.0" document.
I think the document is very complete, useful and well formed.
But I think that the title "Understanding WCAG 2.0" induces the  
reader to think that the WCAG are so difficult that it is necessary  
to read a document of 120 printed pages to let reader understand them.
Maybe a title like "Describing WCAG 2.0 in detail", "Detailing WCAG  
2.0" or "WCAG 2.0 in detail" works better.

- For ATAG review -
The conformance mechanism is clearer than before.
The only thing I would like to comment is about about word "ability"  
in the sentence: "Everyone should have the ability to create and  
access Web content."
in: 1.3 Role of authoring tools in Web accessibility.

I think "ability" is about "talent".
Suggestion: use, for example, the word "possibility".
"Everyone should have the possibility to create and access Web content."


~ pasquale

Il giorno 15/dic/05, alle ore 06:26, Judy Brewer ha scritto:

> The following is a DRAFT of some of our first EOWG comments on WCAG  
> 2.0. Please review these, and comment and/or add information for  
> our teleconference this Friday.
> Thanks,
> - Judy

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