EOWG, reply on list: Ideas for Involving Users in Evaluate Highlight

EOWG folks,

Early next week we plan to post a WAI home page highlight for the "Involving Users in Web Accessibility Evaluation" document. A start of some ideas for the highlight are at:

We're looking for some more input into brainstorming and evaluating ideas for the highlight.
	* Do you have other ideas? 
	* Do you really like any of these?

After the brainstorming phase (where any idea is encouraged)[1], remember that there are several issues that we want to be careful about, e.g., :
- this is not just about formal usability testing. it encourages informal participation of users with disabilities throughout development.
- evaluating with users does not get you conformance to guidelines. it does not address the broad range of disabilities that the guidelines do.
- this document introduces the idea and provides some guidance, but it just touches on a large topic

Thanks for sending your ideas to the list in the next couple of days.

~ Shawn

[1] brainstorming: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brainstorming

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