minor question on Involving Users in Web Accessibility Evaluation

> Here are the answers submitted to 'EOWG Call for Review: Involving Users in
> Web Accessibility Evaluation, 2005 October' (Education and Outreach Working
> Group) for Harvey Bingham.
> [Ed discretion]
> I'd like the final "Optimizing Usability Testing for Accessibility Issues"
> to be identified in the Page Contents. It's application is useful for
> the general public, as awareness, even though the topic is ostensibly just
> a Note for usability professionals.

Hum... I'm not sure about this one:

* It's not a major focus on the document and so I don't want it to get too much attention. In fact, we wanted to *downplay* usability testing especially at the beginning of the document. Putting it in the Contents list would bring it up.
* However, where it is at the end, it will be lost to everyone who doesn't read or skim the entire document. And that's not good.
* It is written specifically for usability specialists. I'd rather not "dumb it down" for general audiences (well, specifically, I don't want to hold up publication to re-write it:). If we do want to put it up to an H2 in the Page Contents, we could change the heading to something like "Note on Optimizing Usability Testing for Accessibility Issues" (although EOWG didn't like the word "Optimizing"... but maybe it's OK in this context since it is a side note to the document and focused for a specific audience)? Maybe instead something like:
 "Note for Usability Testing Specialists", or 
 "Note on Usability Testing for Accessibility"

QUESTION: EOWG, what do you think?
Please reply ASAP as I hope to finish the document by early next week. Thanks!

~ Shawn

Received on Thursday, 20 October 2005 19:18:30 UTC