implemented minor suggestions from Shawn to Evaluation Suite

Hi Shawn,

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Thank you for reviewing the Evaluation Suite and completing the Call for Review. I've incorporated most of your suggestion into the documents and recorded the changes into the changelog.

Please find some comments to two of your suggestions further below:

> ---------------------------------
> General comments on the resource suite as a whole
> ----
> Comments (or a URI pointing to your comments): 
> * titles
> version/priority: editor's discretion
> current: 
> - Evaluating Web Sites for Accessibility
> - Preliminary Review of Web Sites for Accessibility
> - Conformance Evaluation of Web Sites for Accessibility
> suggested:
> - Evaluating Web Accessibility
> - Preliminary Review of Web Accessibility
> - Conformance Evaluation of Web Accessibility
> rationale: takes out "Sites", simplier, smoother, more broad, avoids risk
> of "Web sites" seeming to exclude Web applications

Noted this for future revisions of the suite. It may make sense to look at the titles of the whole suite once the "user testing" document is also available and we do the next update this fall.

> * Related Pages
> version/priority: editor's discretion
> suggestion: add a section at the end of each document:
> <h2>Related Pages</h2>
> <p>This document is part of a multi-page <a href="Overview">Evaluating Web
> Accessibility resource suite</a> that outlines different approaches for
> evaluating Web accessibility.</p> 

Can you please clarify more precisely where this should go? Do you mean in the actual content of the pages (as another section of the pages) or in the footer?


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