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RE: Information Services for People with Developmental Disabilities

From: Bruno von Niman \(ANEC W3C\) <ANEC_W3CRep_Bruno@vonniman.com>
Date: Mon, 12 Sep 2005 23:43:20 +0200
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Cc: "'Harvey Bingham'" <hbingham@acm.org>
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Well, there are good and well applicable reference documents out there! 

One of those I can recommend as a frequent user is the (recently, with
regard to ICT updated) European (ETSI [1]) Guide on Design for All [2].

It describes design for all, user populations and their characteristics,
aging and the change of user abilities impacting ICT. It provides design
guidelines and advice on the use of assistive technologies. 

I do not want to fill your mailboxes with a large file but would anybody be
interested, I can circulate copies (freely available).

Best regards,
Bruno von Niman

[1] European Telecommunication Standards Institute, ETSI, is one of three
official standardization arms of the European Union. ETSI is responsible for
telecommunications (converging into ICT) and the parent of GSM, ISDN, UMTS
and other standards with a considerable market impact.

[2] ETSI EG 202 116: Human Factors (HF); Guidelines for ICT products and
services; "Design for All" (2002-09). It was produced by the Human Factors
Committee of ETSI.

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Subject: Information Services for People with Developmental Disabilities

I've recently obtained a most impressive older book:

Information Services for People with Developmental Disabilities
The Library Manager's Handbook
The Library Manager's Handbook
Copyright &copy; 1995 by Linda Lucas Walling and Marilyn M. Irwin, editors
ISBN 0-313-28780-5
ISSN 0894-2986
Library of Congress Catalog Card Number: 94-22016

Dedication: To
   people with developmental disabilities,
   their families and other care-givers,
   and their friends and advocates
   who have challenged the system
   to bring about positive change

Three Major Sections:
Part I:    Developmental Disabilities: Lifelong, Severe, and Alterable
Part II    The issues -- eight chapters
Part III   Library and Information Services -- thirteen chapters
Rear matter:  conclusion, Appendix, select bibliography, index,
              about the editors and contributors

Best Regards/Harvey Bingham
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