[Dublin Core] Recent developments


There is a task group working on accessibility metadata for DC, IMS,
ISO, etc, collaboratively. I think everyone knows.

There is a draft ISO proposal that is open for comment by the public
and soon formally by countries involved in ISO. The task group has
been working very hard to ensure that that proposal becomes one that
works well for the DC community and others. A great deal of effort
has gone into this exercise and the various versions of the work have
been posted on the DC Accessibility wiki.

For DC we are planning a main new 'adaptability' element and then to
build an application profile for accessibility.

Work has continued on the proposal for the element for DC. There is
now an accessibility framework document on the wiki and it includes
an abstract model for accessibility. There is an activity which will
produce guidelines for those interested in using this accessibility

I have posted what I am proposing as the charter for Working Group
for the next year on the wiki.

There will be a full day of work done at the DC Conference in Madrid
on September 14th.

All this work is reported on either the DC Accessibility Working
Group page or the wiki.

Please review our work and send in your comments.

If you can come to the conference, it'd be great if you could join us
for our working sessions. If you have any queries, please feel free
to contact me.


Link to DC Accessibility Working Group page:

Link to Accessibility Wiki:

Received on Monday, 12 September 2005 03:42:57 UTC