Fwd: Wakefield from Access Board Retired!

Doug was the Section 508 leader , an inspiring individual.

>Sender: "* EASI: Equal Access to Software & Information"
>From: Prof Norm Coombs <nrcgsh@RIT.EDU>
>Subject:      Wakefield from Access Board Retired!
>EASI wants to congratulate Doug for work well done both at the Access Board
>and previously at the General Services Administration.
>Below is quoted from the Access Board newsletter:
>Access Currents
>Volume 11, No.3 May/ June 2005
>Doug Wakefield, Board Section 508 Specialist, to Retire
>Doug Wakefield, the Boards expert on accessible information technology,
>retired from government service at the end of June.  Wakefield 
>joined the Board
>in 1998 to lead its work writing new standards for electronic and
>information technology under section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act.
>This law, as amended, assigned the Board the task of issuing new standards
>for covered technologies procured by Federal agencies. After these 
>standards were
>issued in 2000,
>He provided technical assistance and training on them, conducting numerous
>sessions across the country.  He also oversaw the development of related
>guidance material and represented the Board at various interagency 
>and international
>forums on section 508 and accessible information technology.  Prior to his
>work at the Board, he provided consultation on accessibility for employees
>with disabilities at the General Services Administrations Center on 
>Technology Accommodation and before that ran his own consulting firm which
>specialized in adaptive computer equipment.

Best Regards/Harvey Bingham

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