The focus of many comments is about whether we are clear enough in the 
beginning part of the document. If we think of this as a means to 
educate as to what the problem is, these are well-placed suggestions.

I submit that the problem we are addressing needs a technical solution, 
it's not like there were already things in place to fix it and we need 
to alert people to the situation.

Perhaps there is room (and time) for an outreach process to alert those 
who don't know this is going on to its nature, but what since blindness 
action groups are only too aware of it and don't need it explained, we 
should attend to what such groups call for and need: a solution.

The instant document has some suggested solutions/workarounds and we 
need to critique them, e.g. the idea of visually impaired people being 
forced to make a phone call and wait for resolution is unbearable.

The PFWG should be badgered to get stuff out. We can pretty it up later.


Received on Friday, 15 July 2005 12:29:34 UTC