material for item 4 of EOWG: [Revised] Agenda for Teleconference 4 February 2005

> 4. Request for feedback on another concept/intro piece for WAI Web site redesign
>         please look on EOWG list for more information from Shawn

In an evaluation of the WAI redesign prototype[1], AIR[2] identified that the site was still not sufficiently supporting the very common "task" of people coming to the WAI Web site to find: How do I make [images, forms, tables, etc.] accessible? This triggered an idea I had had a while ago to have a sample Web page image map with links to how to make specific aspects of Web pages (images, forms, tables, etc.) accessible.

Here is a _rough_ concept draft of a page that tries to address these issues:

Please read the mini requirements:
noting particularly that goal of this document is to develop a quick and easy "stop gap" solution before the site redesign usability testing in mid February 2005.

I see this fitting into the redesign:
- in the Getting Started section:
- in the WCAG section

Questions for discussion at the 4 Feb 2005 teleconference:
1. Are the requirements right?
2. Can we develop a page quickly that meets the goals and does little harm?
3. What information does it contain? What does it look like?
4. What it is called/titled?


[1] prototype of information architecture and layout (NOT visual design and markup!):
[2] AIR:

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